About Us

Trend Tea’s Tale

Nata Lombardo-Mason’s vision of a tea lounge began many years ago, as her passion for traveling organically fused with her love of tea. While journeying abroad the thought of having her own tea lounge one day was constantly in her thoughts, yet didn’t truly begin to brew until returning from a trip to San Francisco just a few short years ago.

Nata enrolled in a three-month long tea course, followed quickly by another. To say that Nata was completely enthralled with learning and sharing teas from around the world is an understatement. She knows her tea!

Nata Treats Her Guests Like Royal-Tea!

Located on the second floor of the Boca Raton Wyndham Hotel, Trend Tea beckons to every person, coming and going. The quiet hum of activity lets you know that it is always a good time for tea. They’re open in the early hours of the morning and close at three o’clock every afternoon, where patrons mill about, often until six or seven in the evening: this is not simply a place to buy a cup of tea!

Nata ensures that each guest is greeted and treated in a manner in which you can easily get used to. Unlike her cute and functional tea timers (available for purchase and a genuine necessity for tea lovers) there is never a time limit placed on your visit. Grab a cup to go, sit at the bar for a quick fix, or lounge until your heart’s content – Nata wants you to always feel at home at Trend Tea.

Trend Tea is fast becoming the most popular tea lounge in the area, drawing many loyal customers locally and afar. Regulars unanimously agree that Trend Tea is more than a tea lounge; it’s a tea sanctuary.